Culham Science Centre based medtech smashes crowdfunding target

Active Needl Technology

Active Needle Technology Ltd, the Culham Science Centre based pre-revenue medical device company developing an innovative needle-actuating device to reduce needle placement errors in ultrasound guided procedures, has smashed its crowdfunding target of £150,000.

The company has so far raised more than £250,000 on Crowdcube.

Active Needle is exploiting the properties of ultrasonically active needles. The technology allows the products to have potential applications in a range of multi-billion pound markets. These global markets could include healthcare and life sciences and medical and non-medical tattooing.

The technology is the outcome of the research work carried out by Dr Muhammad Sadiq, a biomedical engineer and RSE enterprise fellow, and Professor Graeme McLeod, a consultant anaesthetist at Ninewells Hospital and the University of Dundee.

Active Needle’s patented technology  is a hand-held piezoelectric that interfaces with single-use medical needles to induce minute longitudinal ultrasonic vibration.

The device, which has been developed in conjunction with clinical colleagues, consists of disposable and durable parts. A durable driver unit vibrates the disposable needle at ultrasonic frequencies leading to enhanced visibility and reduced deflection of standard needles under laboratory conditions.

The adoption of Active Needle’s technology in clinical practice offers the potential of significant health economic and clinical benefits to drive shared value for investors, patients, clinicians and healthcare providers and payers.