Crowe UK launches new Cybercrime Protection Service to support Midlands SMEs as cyber threat increases

Crowe Jim Gee

National audit, tax, advisory and risk firm, Crowe UK along with partner company D-Tech, has launched a new Cybercrime Protection Service tailored to the needs of SMEs in a bid to protect their businesses from growing cyber threat.

The latest Home Office research shows SMEs experience substantial costs in dealing with the impact of cybercrime, much of which could have been reduced through cost-effective protection. The new service delivers an all-round cost-effective solution.

Jim Gee, Partner and Head of Forensic and Cybercrime Services for Crowe, said: “Cybercrime is one of the problems of our age, together with fraud now representing over 40% of all crime in the UK. And we now have a real spike in cybercrime resulting from cybercriminals trying to exploit the current COVID-19 crisis. There has never been a time when cybercrime protection has been more important.

“SMEs know about the problem but need a realistic solution. We have developed a new approach which is both effective and affordable. Investing in cyber security does not need to break the bank and can pay dividends in the long term.”

The new service includes an initial consultation providing an understanding of vulnerability and then a series of flexible options are suggested that can be implemented. As part of the solution the service allows companies to see what the cybercriminals can see from the outside, spotting open ports, unpatched software and known vulnerabilities which haven’t been addressed.

It then applies a layered defence to protect a company – allowing it to Prevent, Protect, Defend, React, and Recover, providing as good a protection as possible but also the ability to manage and recover from an attack if the worst happens.

Mark Trouth, CEO of D-Tech, said: “You only have to see the news to know that the largest of business get hit by cybercrime attacks.  But statistically it’s the SME sector that gets hit the most. Many SME’s are just not prepared for or protected against the cybercrime threats that exist. Even those with insurance are unprepared for the effect of an attack and the total disruption it can cause for weeks afterwards.

“Our layered defence protects you – as good a protection as possible, but also the ability to manage and recover from an attack if the worst happens. It’s an all-round solution at a price which you can’t afford not to take up.”

Johnathan Dudley, Crowe’s Managing Partner for the Midlands and South West, said: “The statistics show that it’s not if you will suffer an attack, but when. Not to be properly prepared and protected can be the worst mistake a company ever makes. Don’t be that company.”

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