Create your own high flyers

Glos College

Accelerate the growth of your business. Spot people with talent and potential in your organisation. Give them the opportunity to gain professionally accredited qualifications.

Apprenticeships have evolved; they are no longer just for school leavers. In 2017/18, 57% of all apprenticeship starts were Level 3 or Higher, which shows a 10% increase on the previous year. Higher level apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular, as they provide an affordable solution for employers to develop existing staff members with professionally accredited qualifications on the job.

There are many benefits to upskilling current employees, from improving staff retention, developing employees with the skills your business needs, boosting moral and engagement amongst your employees and increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, appreciating the importance of employee training and professional development is imperative to enable growth in your business

Get the most out of available funding to create your own high flyers

Staff with exceptional performance and potential can drive your business forward. By utilising professional on the job training and investing in the development of your employees, you will positively impact your organisation and leave your staff feeling valued and well equipped to progress.

You don’t always need to look outside of your organisation for the skills you need. Often, the talent you seek already exists in your workforce, ready to be developed.

Adapt and succeed in a fast changing business world by giving your high flyers the opportunity to gain professionally recognised qualifications in HR, marketing, IT, accountancy and leadership and management.

The apprenticeship levy shouldn’t be seen as a hurdle to overcome; rather a bonus that benefits your organisation’s learning and development strategy. Apprenticeships are an asset to any organisation, bringing significant benefits to your business and existing workforce. The apprenticeship levy and available funding provide an effective and affordable way to grow your own skills base.

Realise the potential of your workforce

The Gloucestershire College Business Hub delivers professional qualifications that enable people to improve the business they work in, from junior level up to senior management.

Inject talent and foster growth in your business; let us recruit to your vacancies and improve your staff skills to increase your bottom line. Plan for the future, and fill skills shortages in your organisation.

Our professional training programmes are suitable for attracting new talent, as well as providing career progression and development for your ambitious employees.

For more information on professional training solutions to support your business, contact the GC Business Hub:

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