Coventry manufacturing centre develops lightweight face visors for NHS

MTC PPEmasks

Manufacturing experts at the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre have developed a fast-make lightweight face visor to protect front line NHS staff. The visor went from design to full production in just five days.

Now the MTC has teamed up with Staffordshire cutting machine specialists Swift-Cut Automation to use advanced waterjet-cutting technology to speed up production even more, allowing thousands of the visors to be supplied to the NHS free of charge.

Engineers at the MTC were able to design, prototype, get user approval and go into production of the new visor in just a few days, using laser-cutting technology. More than 2,500 visors were delivered to NHS sites. However, the MTC team wanted to expand and speed-up production, so they turned to Burton-on-Trent based Swift-Cut, who were able to cut the face visor using an advanced waterjet cutting machine.

MTC research engineer Harmail Sandhu said the MTC-produced visors were not only protective, but were comfortable and light compared to feedback from existing face visors.

“We wanted to expand the manufacturing options of the face visor beyond the constraints of laser cutting. We turned to Swift-Cut who produced the face visor on an advanced waterjet machine with excellent results,” he said.