Coventry armour manufacturer launches next generation bomb disposal suit

NP Aerospace ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit Image 2.jpg[11]

Global armour manufacturer, NP Aerospace, which is headquartered in Coventry, has extended its Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) portfolio with the launch of a next generation Bomb Disposal Suit targeting North America and other strategic global markets.

The new 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet System is the result of extensive collaboration with EOD operators and meets the requirements of the US National Institute of Justice Public Safety Bomb Suit standard.

NP Aerospace ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit Image 3.jpg[73]NP Aerospace entered the EOD market in 2004 with a bomb disposal suit designed for British Forces in Northern Ireland and has since expanded its presence with multiple global customers.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, said: “NP Aerospace has an extensive EOD heritage designing and manufacturing bomb suits for global customers. Our new 4030 ELITE continues that heritage and allows us to target customers requiring NIJ compliance with a cost effective, high performance solution. Operators and procurement teams are looking for the high levels of blast protection and enhanced mobility which NP Aerospace suits provide while ticking the boxes on budget.

“The 4030 ELITE offers a highly modular and scalable system with the option to build and accessorize the suit around the user’s requirements. It also provides excellent ergonomics and dexterity due to our patents in flexible armour construction. This has been a major development and we are looking forward to the next phase in our EOD growth.”

EOD and Tactical Search suits are part of the NP Aerospace high-performance defence systems range which includes Ballistic Helmets and Shields, Body Armour Plates and Composite Armour for vehicles, vessels or aircraft.