Cotswold Tweed Spotted on the Piste

Barrington Ayre 1

A clothing craze is sweeping ski resorts around France, Switzerland and Italy as skiers have been seen sliding down the slopes in a full tweed suit.

11 have been made in the last two years by Cotswold tailor – Barrington Ayre, who are based in Cirencester. One of the key features is that they are not made from a synthetic material and therefore produced in a way that is less damaging to the environment.

Benefits are said to include that they are a 100% natural item of clothing so made from wool and cotton. This aids in breathability and also helps control body temperature, trapping air to insulate when it is cold and keeping away heat and moisture when it is warm.

Tom Wharton is the principal tailor of Barrington Ayre and said: “Wool is naturally waterproof and the 100% cotton Ventile lining provides full further waterproof quality whilst allowing air to circulate around the body.”

The ‘ski suit’ almost echoes a project the tailors took on in 2016 when they made a Gabardine jacket for the explorers – the Turner Twins, who were following in the footsteps of famous explorer George Mallory, and climbed Mount Elbus, which stands at 5,642m (18,510ft) above sea level.

Barrington Ayre

Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker and Tailor made the Gabardine jacket for one of the twins to the exact standards of the one Mallory wore on his ill fated mission in 1924 to Everest. The other twin will wear the traditional clothing and use equipment made to the standards of those used 100 years ago, while the other donned modern climbing attire and used modern tools.

“The brief for the latest ski suit was to design something that was very classical but something that would still be practical on the slopes. This was a brilliant thing to be asked to make and was fun to design.”

The bespoke suits are retailed at £1250.

Barrington Ayre can be found above Goldsmiths in the Cirencester Market Place. You can call the Cirencester Showroom on 01285 689431 or 0845 300 9014.