Cotswold Taste backs cost-saving buying opportunities for members

Cotswold Taste

A recent partnership agreement between procurement support specialists, BSA Buying Group, and regional food and drink quality marque, Cotswold Taste, will bring the potential for major cost-saving benefits to its members and business partners.

Cheltenham-based BSA Buying Group offers a wide range of cost savings and improved service deals to participants, freeing up time to grow their businesses and cutting their overheads at the same time.

‘We’re delighted to offer this opportunity to our members and business partners’, said Nick Waloff, Executive Chair of Cotswold Taste. “With Brexit around the corner, we all need to be seizing the opportunities and reducing the risks to ourselves”.

BSA offers up to 58 per cent cost savings across 24 cost areas as gas and electricity, telecommunications, IT services, freight and parcel courier services, waste recycling, vehicle fleet, foreign exchange, fuel and packaging – all of which can be major expense areas for both food and drink chain members, and the support businesses who underpin their activities. It has recently added ‘green eco-buying’ to its offering, via

Matt Roper, MD of BSA Buying Group, said: “We do the hard work of finding the best value deals, and bringing them all together. Getting on top of business costs means that participants in BSA can boost their profits, save time, and concentrate on providing consumers and customers with the best quality products and services”.

Cotswold Taste is a member-owned, not for profit co-operative that provides vital advice, business, marketing and promotional support to its members, food chain producers and support businesses to help their resilience and business success.
It is able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge of land management, food and drink production, supply and retailing, and hospitality outlet management.
It is also designating Corporate Partners, major participants in the food and drink chain, who can help Cotswold Taste to secure market presence and achieve its objectives more rapidly, and whose own businesses and activities can benefit from association with Cotswold Taste and its values.