Controlaccount director joins the Birmingham CEO sleepout

Carla Knights participating in the Birmingham CEO sleepout

Debt recovery firm Controlaccount has raised £1,713 by sleeping rough to raise money for the homeless.

Carla Knights, operations director at Bromsgrove’s Controlaccount plc, took part in the Birmingham CEO sleepout on Monday, December 6 to help raise awareness of poverty and homelessness.

The CEO Sleepout is a charity set up to support homelessness across the UK, with business leaders from across Birmingham joining forces for a night of sleeping in the cold and battling the elements to gain a real insight into the reality faced by homeless individuals in the local community, whilst raising much-needed money to help change vulnerable lives.

All of the firm’s directors were nominated to take part, and employees voted for which director they wanted to see sleeping rough for the night at £2 per vote. Directors could vote for each other but at an increased rate of £10 per vote.

Following her experience, Carla said: “The work that Changes UK, Birmingham City FC Community Trust, and The CEO Sleep Out are doing is so incredibly important and life-changing for people who are regularly disregarded by society and left outside in the cold.

“I’m so proud of Controlaccount for raising the money to support these charities. It was incredibly tough, and I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to do that every night.”

There is still time to donate by visiting