Contract awarded for Gloucestershire Airport £8M upgrade in 2022

Gloucestershire Airport

Leading construction and engineering company VolkerFitzpatrick has secured the contract, worth around £8.1 million, to build a Civil Aviation Authority (CCA) approved upgrade to Gloucestershire Airport next year.

The work will be carried out in four phases, with the primary focus being the resurfacing of the crosswind (04-22) and main (09-27) runways. There will also be new runway lighting and upgrades to signage and drainage, as well as the installation of below ground infrastructure in readiness for a new radar system.

One of the airport’s three runways will remain open while works are carried out, albeit operating at reduced capacity. When all work is complete, the airport’s existing ‘north/south’ runway will permanently close to make way for the development of the new business park, CGX Connect.

Phase one works, starting in January 2022, will see the crosswind runway resurfaced. The aim is for this work to take place throughout the night, after airport closure, to minimise any potential impact to operations.

Phases two and three will follow in Spring 2022, with work taking place during the day and throughout the night to ensure work is completed as quickly as possible. This phase will see the resurfacing of the main runway, new runway lighting installed, upgrades to signage and draining, and the installation of below ground infrastructure.

Phase four will be the testing and commissioning phase of the project in readiness for anticipated completion and resumption of normal operations by Summer 2022.

Kevin Berry, VolkerFitzpatrick Operations Director, said: “We’re well versed in working on projects like this, having completed similar works at Glasgow, Birmingham and Gatwick  Airports. These upgrades will place Gloucestershire Airport firmly at the top end of aviation standards and technology, which will help unlock numerous opportunities and benefits for the airport and surrounding area.”

Karen Taylor, Gloucestershire Airport Managing Director, added: “These are transformational times for Gloucestershire Airport,” continues Karen Taylor, Gloucestershire Airport Managing Director. “These upgrades are essential to the continued smooth running of operations and, along with CGX Connect, will really elevate the quality and status of the airport, along with its profile as a ‘gateway for growth’ for all those significant developments being brought forward across the region.

“Keeping two runways open at all times is a challenge but ensuring as little impact as possible to airport operations and the surrounding area is key. The appointment of VolkerFitzpatrick and Ridge & Partners LLP, both of whom have vast experience of working on projects just like this, will help ensure these upgrades are completed smoothly and on time.”

Ridge & Partners LLP will work alongside VolkerFitzpatrick.

Justin Wright, Senior Project Manager at Ridge & Partners LLP explained how the work will be carried out.

“To reduce disruption during phase one, we plan to work on the crosswind runway at night – the longer winter nights will help with our progress. Work on the main runway will then take place on both days and nights to accelerate progress and ensure a swift completion.

“We are looking forward to engaging with local businesses and residents to make sure that this transformational project is delivered as smoothly as possible and realises significant benefits for the region.”