Company directors lack training in responding to cyber attacks

CYBER Steve Borwell Foxjpg (Medium)

Cyber security specialist Borwell, based at Malvern Hills Science Park, has highlighted a survey of 105 businesses in the FTSE 350 who reportedly had no training when it comes to cyber-attacks. 1 in 10 revealed they have no plan to cope with hacking. The survey results also revealed that 1 in 10 directors have no plans in place to respond to any kind of cyber-security incident.

Digital Minister Matthew Hancock said the WannaCry attack in May showed the “devastating effect of data breaches”. He urged companies to take advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The Cyber Governance Health Check, an annual survey found that 54% of company boards considered hacking and online threats as main concerns to their business. However 68% of them had no specific training or plan in place to deal with them.

Steve Borwell-Fox says these figures are worrying, but not altogether completely surprising. “Business owners are still of the mind-set that they do not need to worry about online security. As a region we have many world-leading businesses and a thriving charity sector. However, recent cyber-attacks have shown the devastating effects of not taking cyber-security seriously.”