Collins Aerospace invests in new equipment to expand composite components development

Collins Aerospace Banbury

Collins Aerospace in Banbury is investing in a new multi-axis composite braider to support the development of continuous fibre reinforced complex shaped products.

This, coupled with Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), will enable Collins to deliver integrated, functional, and complex products at a more competitive price that will challenge conventional materials.

In a post on LinkedIn, Russ Meddes, Business Development Manager at Collins Aerospace, said: “These are exciting times as we are already currently developing new composite components such as integrated transmission shafts, complex shaped fuel pipes, Type IV and V pressure vessels, and eVTOL battery enclosures.”

The braider is in the final stages of factory testing and will be installed and commissioned over the next couple of months. It will be integrated with an automated press and high speed RTM equipment, enabling the application of snap cure resins. This highly automated development cell will be used to prove out production and demonstrate rapid cycle times.

This change will set the standard in composite manufacturing, delivering cost-competitive composite products for a variety of markets, including aerospace, automotive and green energy. The automated braiding and RTM cell is an addition to the dedicated development facility, which also includes a robotic filament winder, TFP machine, various assembly rigs, and CNC machines.