Cheltenham Women’s Business Conference

Chelt women in Biz conference

Leading businessmen and women are set to be speaking at the annual Women’s Business Conference in Cheltenham on the 4th of December.

Among the lineup for the event are Green and Black’s founder Jo Fairley, author Simone Vincenzi, business consultant Philippa Haynes, public speaking coach Bev Hepting and money mindset coach Rosemary Cunnigham. The conference, which will be held at Cheltenham’s Pittville Pump Room, gives women the opportunity to connect with other women professionals, share their business expertise and learn from these world-class speakers.

The event is organised by the Women’s Business Club which empowers women in business and aims to build a support network for its members. The brainchild of Angela De Souza, Women’s Business Club was established in 2013 and has motivated, empowered and encouraged hundreds of UK business women via their meetings and events. Angela is well known for her kindness and inspiration to those in business, providing a platform for business growth and collaboration.

Angela De Souza, who is also speaking at the event, says “Seeing so many businesswomen coming together at our conference is the highlight of my year and celebrating their successes through our awards is the cherry on top. Our mission to connect, support and empower the UK’s businesswomen is really paying off as we see more and more businesswomen flourishing each year. Our conference is partly a celebration of the year’s success and partly preparation for the following year. I am looking forward to taking this to four new locations in 2020!”

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