Cheltenham sports specialist launches UK’s first 100 per cent plastic free packaging

Body Ethos

A Cheltenham entrepreneur has launched what he says is the UKs first 100 per cent recyclable, plastic free packaging to hold his new British-made protein powders.

Body Ethos, created by personal trainer and sports therapist Iain Pritchard, is a new interchangeable 100 per cent plant-based protein powder with environmentally friendly packaging.

Iain, who has worked in the industry over the past 14 years as a personal trainer and sports therapist, and worked with celebrities and sports personalities, said he was keen to create a product that offered flexibility in flavour while not compromising on taste, nutritional content and environmental benefits.

He said: Having worked in the industry myself for a number of years and personally playing various sports at national level, I wanted to create a protein powder which offers something unique to the market.

I figured there must be a way to be 100 per cent eco-friendly. It took 18 months working with a really innovative British firm and we have created the first 100 per cent recyclable packaging which is completely plastic free. It is important to me that Body Ethos is good for your mind, body and soul.”

According to Iain, many purportedly 100 per cent recyclable products still contain plastic. So this is a first for the protein powder industry Many use cardboard packaging with a plastic insert so are still recyclable and eco friendly but not totally plastic free.
The design of the Body Ethos packaging has a special coating to make it food safe without needing plastic or foil linings. Even the way that it is posted out is 100 per cent plastic free too, so the tape is paper based not plastic.
The Midlands based packaging expert, who Iain isn’t currently able to name, has perfected the concept and Iain the first to use the packaging and send out powder products.