Cheltenham Science Festival finishes on a high

Photo courtesy of Still Moving Media
Richard Browning Gravity flight

Richard Browning, Founder of Pioneering Aeronautical Innovation company, Gravity, demonstrated his ‘Iron Man’ jet pack flight system on the last day of the 2021 Cheltenham Science Festival.

This year’s Cheltenham Science Festival was a unique hybrid four-day event.

The UK’s leading scientists, presenters, writers, artists and activists made their way to Cheltenham for one of the first post-lockdown festivals of 2021. The line-up included Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw, Hannah Fry, Adam Rutherford, Gina Martin, Paul Nurse, Camilla Pang, Pushmeet Kohli, Robin Ince, Claudia Hammond, Helen Czerski, Martin Rees, Helen Pilcher, Adam Hart, Ella Al-Shamahi, Cosmic Shambles Network as well as the next generation of STEM professionals and a diverse range of voices who will inform and inspire.