Cheltenham restaurant group to turn leftovers and food waste into energy

Michael Raphel & Jay Rahman

An independent restaurant group in Cheltenham, is making sure none of its waste is sent to landfill.

The Gloucestershire group, JM Socials, will be making the switch to zero landfill next month – as part of a five year sustainability plan.

On top of regular plastics, paper and tin recycling, the group will be using waste management company Grundon that turns food and packaging waste into electricity. They do this through an incinerating process by capturing carbon and transferring it into energy.

They’ll be running this green initiative throughout each of their Cheltenham restaurants –

Holee Cow, Holee Cowless, Holee Clucker, Prithvi, Bao + BBQ and Bhoomi Kitchen (also in Oxford)

One half of the JM Socials duo, Michael Raphel said: “This is a great opportunity for us to start our new sustainability journey. We’ve set out a 5 year plan, and it’s clear that switching to zero landfill is the best first step.

In our five year plan, we’ve set out a series of sustainability projects which will be announced in the near future. We’re really excited to continue on this new green path and we hope that other businesses will follow suit.”

JM Socials, started by Michael Raphel and Jay Rahman, are set to open two more sites this year: Circo Brasserie and For The Saints, an espresso bar in Montpellier.