Cheltenham medical supplies company helps get horse racing back on its feet


An international medical supplies company headquartered in Cheltenham has been recruited to help get horseracing back on its feet by providing PPE to racecourses across the country.

CHB Medical is working with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to ensure that racecourses and their staff are prepared for a safe return to racing.

Plans are in place for racing to restart across the UK from Monday, June 1 – after the sport resumed in France earlier this month.

All racecourses have been contacted by the BHA with recommendations of the necessary PPE required ahead of the restart.

CHB Medical has worked with the authority to create a Back To Racing pack, including face masks, gloves, coveralls, hand sanitiser, infrared thermometers, visors and goggles.

The hand sanitiser is sourced from UK manufacturers with PPE being sourced internationally to cater for demand.

CHB Medical is part of the CHB Global group, which is headquartered in Cheltenham at Neptune Business Centre, and has offices in Edinburgh and Australia, and warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Felicity Griffiths, Managing Director of CHB Global, said: “To be associated with the BHA is fantastic for us and we’re honoured to be playing our part in helping to get horseracing in Britain back up-and-running.

“Being based in Cheltenham, the company has got horseracing in its bones and we have had a strong relationship with Cheltenham Racecourse for many years – including sponsoring The Jockey Club’s Leading Owner Award at The McCoys won by legendary owner J P McManus.

“We’re providing flexible options for racecourses that may already have a stock of PPE or hand sanitiser, to ensure all tracks across the country are compliant with regulations on racedays.

“But it’s not just racecourses, we will be able to support trainers, owners and yard staff before they even get to the racecourse to ensure they are protected.

“Everyone involved with the sport wants to get back racing, but it’s important that it is done safely and everyone is protected – so that racing doesn’t come to a halt again after the restart.”

CHB Global specialises in importing and exporting of data centres, servers and storage. The medical arm was launched earlier this year in response to the nationwide shortage of PPE.

Using its global purchasing power, existing warehouses, bilingual staff and contacts, the company has been able to provide a steady supply of high-quality PPE.

Since launching the PPE service, the firm has worked with NHS trusts, county councils, care homes, blue chip corporates and over 50 SMEs.

“We have strong contacts internationally from the other side of our business, which helps us to get the high quantity and high quality of PPE that the frontline services and racing industry require,” added Felicity.

“Counterfeit is rife in the electronics industry, so we have a high due diligence process for PPE too. We don’t pay until we know the equipment is of the required standard and is authentic.

“We’re in discussions with two other large sporting conglomerations to provide them with intelligent PPE too, such as infrared face recognition and temperature screening equipment.”

CHB Medical is donating five per cent of all profits from PPE sales to NHS charities.

Dr Jerry Hill, Chief Medical Advisor at the British Horseracing Authority, added: “The level of service and attention to detail we have had from CHB Medical has been exceptional.

“They have consistently been efficient and accommodating working with a range of industry stakeholders throughout Great Britain.

“If when we receive the equipment it is as good a quality as their customer service we will be in a good position to restart racing with confidence that our participants will be protected.”