Cheltenham man launches new travel business

With the travel industry on its knees thanks to the devastation caused by the pandemic, who would launch a new travel business?
A 25-year old optimist who hails from Cheltenham, that’s who.
Sir Thomas Rich’ pupil Sam Colbert-Smith has launched a new travel company, Golden Tales Travel, specialising in the Far East. The company launched today. 
During lockdown 25 year old Sam became demoralised with his job in sales. He also lost his grandmother who he was close to, someone who had always been a great support to him, leaving Sam with some inheritance.
What better way to honour her memory and kick start his future by handing in his notice, investing her money and establishing a new travel business.
His degree in Geography and International Relations will help. Sam first discovered his love of travel as a teenager while on a trip of a lifetime with his family to Vietnam. The trip left him with a new interest in different cultures, people and places. Since then he has visited South East Asia a number of times. While Sam now lives in London, his family are all still in Cheltenham now lives in London.
Sam said: “In such difficult times, when we have all been denied many of the things we love to do, I felt that the Covid pandemic could actually be a great time to set up a travel business.  Everyone I know is desperate to get away and I believe there will be a huge demand once people are allowed to travel again, particularly while watching the Olympics taking place in the stunning country of Japan.  I am incredibly excited and cannot wait to share all my passion and knowledge with fellow travel lovers.“