Cheltenham insurance company grows its own forest

Capsule Insurance IMG_3075

Cheltenham insurance company Capsule Insurance Services is growing its own forest.

The whole company abandoned their offices to plant 500 trees in a day, supported by a new charity based in Wiltshire, ProtectEarth and Bristol-based Ecologi.

Alice Garnier, Growth Manager at Capsule, said: “I’ve only been with Capsule for just over a week and joined because I have a strong passion about the role of business in sustainability and social responsibility – and love Capsule’s aim. I can’t believe that eight days in, I’m already off out planting trees. It’s great! What’s next?”

The team planted small-leaved lime (grows well in the area, loved by invertebrates in spring and quite climate-change resilient), Hornbeam, Rowan (good for the windy area and berries for a number of bird species), Wild Service Tree, Sweet Chestnut and, of course, a few Oak (but a bit more protected as they need time – a lot of it).

Dorian Zanker, Chief Sustainability Officer, Capsule, said: “I love tree planting – but I love volunteering even more. People fail to appreciate just how important it is to interact and to ‘give’. Equally so important for mental wellbeing. Possibly the first post-covid occasion all the ‘Capsulites’ have been together plus meeting up with friends unseen for too long. Again, this has been a brilliant day and dead chuffed to be involved but if could say one thing it is to tell businesses to embrace volunteering for their team. They will see the rewards and it feels good.”

Whilst all the trees were protected and mulched, Capsule will be checking them throughout the year.

Tom Wynne CEO, Capsule, said: “I could never have imagined that in less than one year of trading we would have made so much progress in the business – have so many clients that we are supporting and even be planting our own forest. It’s complete madness.”