Cheltenham ‘grot spot’ gets new lease of life

Newland Homes, Cheltenham

Cheltenham’s MP Alex Chalk, Borough Council Councillor for Springbank Councillor Suzanne Williams and Hesters Way Partnership’s Andy Hayes visited Newland Homes’ Newland Gardens development, on the site of the former Springbank shopping centre. Branded a ‘grot spot’, the site suffered years of neglect and anti-social behaviour.

The visit was the culmination of many years of the local housebuilder working in collaboration with the local council, MP and stakeholders to regenerate this neglected area of the town.

Jeremy Drew, Design Director for Newland Homes said: “Newland Gardens is an example of how high-quality homes that meet the needs of local people and the local area can be brought forward by working collaboratively with local stakeholders, the council and our MP.   Everyone has contributed towards its success and we’re proud to show it off.  The result is first rate, as was promised from the beginning.

The plight of Springbank as one of Cheltenham’s “grot spots” was raised in Parliament by MP Alex Chalk. He said: “Newland Gardens is a hugely successful development that breathes life back into the area and replaces an eyesore that was dragging the area down.  The completion of this high quality and sympathetic development is great news for Cheltenham and Springbank.”

In recognition of the commitment and determination over many years by the Borough Council in bringing about the change, the row of four-bedroom houses fronting Pilgrove Way have been called Morris Walk, after former Councillor and Mayor of Cheltenham John Morris, who promoted the vision to turn around Springbank.

Councillor Suzanne Williams said: “This site was important to John Morris, a former colleague of mine.  He would have been very pleased to see how amazingly different it is now.  The area looks fabulous.”

Newlands Gate Chelt 2

Andy Hayes of the Hesters Way Partnership added: “The last 10 to 12 years have been transformative for Springbank and this is the last piece of the jigsaw.  The former shopping centre area had always struggled and this blighted, forgotten area had ended up separating the communities around it.  Now, with Newland Gardens they have all been brought together and all the ‘no-go’ areas have been removed.

“Over the years a number of developers have looked at the site but failed to resolve it until Newland Homes came and were able to figure out how to make this work for everyone.”