Cheltenham firm launches digital marketing agency in response to COVID-driven digital demand


A surge in demand for digital marketing driven by the COVID-19 pandemic has led a Gloucestershire marketing team to launch a dedicated digital advertising agency.

Known as the Digital Advert Agency, the new business has been launched by the team behind Mighty, the Cheltenham marketing agency that has worked with some of the most recognisable organisations in the county, including GFirst LEP, Moog, HCR Law and Gloucestershire College.

The Digital Advert Agency will focus on delivering paid media campaigns on social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, using the sophisticated targeting and global reach that such platforms offer. With a focus on working with B2B clients, it will also develop targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google and Bing.

“We have always delivered digital marketing work for our clients as part of wider marketing campaigns, but in the last year we have been inundated by local businesses looking for support as they pivot their marketing activities to respond to the ongoing situation,” said James Ashe, managing partner at Mighty.

“While we all hope the world gets back to normal as soon as possible, one thing that isn’t going to change soon is the demand for digital marketing skills.”

DAA-Robyn-Hardman-Photo[4]The new business will be led by Robyn Hardman, who has been part of the Mighty team for the last seven years and overseeing digital campaigns for the company’s clients for the last three.

“While how many businesses have turned to digital marketing in the period of lockdown has been well documented, what hasn’t been as reported on is how many businesses just didn’t see the return on investment they thought they would,” said Robyn.

“That’s because often organisations think that digital marketing is about knowing what buttons to press on a particular channel or website. All their focus goes on this digital aspect and the basics such as the marketing strategy, the message, the visual assets and even the commerciality of a campaign are an afterthought.”