Cheltenham company ships two million PPE to UK in less than a week

EasyBreathing FFP2

A Cheltenham video production company, which we reported last week had begun importing personal protective equipment (PPE) to help the current crisis has, in just seven days, shipped more than two million items of PPE from China to the UK.

PinPointMedia boss, Oliver Bruce, set up, last week after discovering that the Chinese manufacturer of his video brochures was changing its output to make face masks.

EasyBreathing has, in the last week, partnered with a silent investor who has granted access to a fleet of nearly 20 privately-owned aircraft as well as the wider infrastructure of his logistics firm.

This partnership has allowed EasyBreathing to guarantee large scale orders in record time with all relevant approval and certification. EasyBreathing has been supplying businesses, local councils and government organisations with certified N95 masks, gloves, goggles and hand sanitiser. On its first day of trading it confirmed orders for 105,000 FFP2 face masks for a UK care home chain and has since secured orders in excess of two million from substantial regional companies who are keen to do their bit to help key workers and those in the NHS.

FFP2 face masks protect against moderate levels of airborne particles, while FFP3 face masks protect against higher levels.

Oliver said: “Thanks to some amazing support we now have a fleet of nearly 20 privately-owned aircraft that are flying twice weekly for us. We are able to load on a single aircraft 2.2 million FFP2 N95 face masks. These aircraft allow us to deliver on time and without diversion or delay.”

All freight is inspected and approved by the Bureau Veritas (the international certification agency), to ensure compliance following which EasyBreathing arranges haulage from the airport to its final customer destination.

Oliver added: “Unlike commercial flights we can deliver within days. For instance, an order on Monday is due to be delivered on Thursday.”

To keep up with demand, Oliver has hired three members of staff who are now busy with purchasing and order processing. Three quarters of orders received to date have been from Midlands-based organisations and distributed nationwide from their warehouses.

Oliver said: “While we predominantly operate in the B2B and wholesale space, we do have some spare capacity which we will donate where we can to individuals, charities and those who need it.”