Charitable giving website which uses world’s favourite apps raises £100K for growth

Bridges of Britain

A Stourbridge-based company which wants to create more effective charity fundraising, has smashed through its Crowdcube funding £100,000 target.

GivePenny wants to be the connected digital toolkit for creating more effective charity fundraising challenges, with Cancer Research UK and other charities raising £1 million in donations through the website so far. The ‘Connected Giving’ platform uses Spotify, Strava, Twitch and more to drive donations/revenue.

The platform integrates with some of the world’s most popular apps and websites to create fundraising challenges to drive social engagement, fundraiser motivation and successful fundraising – ‘Connected Giving’. Hosted on Microsoft Azure and engineered to very high standards, we aim to grow as a fully scalable and secure platform.

For subscription and ‘per donation’ fees, charities use GivePenny to create and promote fundraising campaigns. Supporters join one of these campaigns and personalise their own fundraising pages using integrations with apps like Spotify, Strava, Twitch, YouTube and Fitbit. The content and data from those apps, plus our own pledge-based payment options, makes fundraising effort visible and engaging, which in turn drives donations.

Since March last year, GivePenny grew rapidly, hosting 72 virtual events, and processed more than £700,000 in donations.

Buckinghamshire-based blood cancer charity Lymphoma Action used GivePenny last year. September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and in 2019 Lymphoma Action launched Bridges of London Walk to raise money and awareness for those affected by lymphoma. When Covid-19 hit, a new way of fundraising was needed. This is where GivePenny came in. To adapt to these challenging times, Lymphoma Action wanted to create a virtual event that could be accessible all around the UK whilst maintaining the same feel of fun and community. Lymphoma Action set themselves a target of 150 registrations with an average raise value of £100. This represented a total raise of £15,000 and a return on investment of 20:1. Participants would be required to walk 7 miles on a route of their choice; the only rule being that the route must include minimum of one bridge. The event was named Bridges of Britain.

By integrating the fitness tracking app Strava, GivePenny was able to create a means for the fundraiser to have their own page where others can track their walking progress. This includes both how many miles have been completed and how close they are to achieving their fundraising goal.

Lymphoma Action made use of the unique “Milestone” feature on GivePenny, enabling their fundraisers to let donors know when they have successfully crossed a bridge.

Alongside this, Lymphoma Action raised money through the use of Spotify. Each participant was encouraged to create a personal playlist that supporters could add a song to in exchange for a donation.

Lymphoma Action used Facebook paid adverts, e-newsletters and emails to corporate partners and previous participants to advertise the event.

Links to GivePenny were included in fundraising packs and highlighted on their website, and the Bridges of Britain event was featured in Lymphoma Matters magazine.

The Bridges of Britain challenged raised nearly £35,000.

And despite having fewer registrations than targeted (119 participants), the average raise value totalled £334, much higher than extended, making the return on investment an astonishing 49:1.