Celebrate Organic September with a new brew from Stroud Brewery & River Cottage


Organic champions Stroud Brewery and River Cottage have launched a beer range to raise awareness of organic food and farming.

The collaboration, launched during Organic September – a month-long campaign run by The Soil Association to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, includes two new beers designed to reconnect people with natural, sustainable and ethical food sources.

The beers have been brewed in collaboration with television chef and environmental campaigner, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and his team at River Cottage, with their ethos of “Food to Inspire Change”. The inspiration for Hugh harks right back to dabbling with hedgerow brews in the early series of Cook on the Wild Side and River Cottage on Channel 4.

Hugh said: “The tradition of foraging wild ingredients and using them to make delicious drinks goes back centuries. It’s such a great way to celebrate the seasons and connect with nature. I think it’s more important than ever to revive those traditions and keep those connections alive. And of course, we wanted to use the finest organic hops and local grains in our beers too.

“Collaborating with Stroud Brewery was a natural fit, not just because of their remarkable beer-making capabilities but also because their commitment to farming and brewing in a sustainable way, helping to protect and reviving a bio-diverse landscape, align so closely with our own.”

The River Cottage range The Stinger, a golden ale infused with lRiverCottageStroudBeer16-07-20MattAustin-137[2]ocally foraged wild nettles for a fresh, zesty twist; and the Rye PA, a full-bodied, modern take on the classic amber ale, using malted Rye sourced in the West Country and exclusively British-grown hop varieties.

Greg Pilley, founder of Stroud Brewery, said: “Hugh expressed to us the importance of inspiring people through food and drink that is ethically sourced and has a great story. He came to us with the concept for Stinger already formed, and with its lovely zesty notes it worked really well. We wanted to do something a little different with a big aroma for the second beer, and when Hugh tasted another of our Rye-based beers he was charmed. We tweaked it with some unusual UK-sourced hop varieties and the result was RYE PA – our unique interpretation of a classic amber ale.”

The launch of this collaboration coincides with Organic September, a month-long campaign which aims to encourage people to make small changes to their purchasing habits by generating awareness of how organic products and brands support farming practices which amongst other things, protect wildlife and the environment.