Responses from across the region to General Election result

Carolyn Fairbairn CBI

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said:“Congratulations to Boris Johnson and the Conservative party. After three years of gridlock, the Prime Minister has a clear mandate to govern. Businesses across the UK urge him to use it to rebuild confidence in our economy and break the cycle of uncertainty.

“Employers share the Prime Minister’s optimism for the UK and are ready to play a leading role. They can bring the innovation, investment and jobs for a new era of inclusive growth. The biggest issues of our times – from tackling climate change to reskilling the workforce for new technologies – can only be delivered through real partnership between government and business.

“The starting point must be rebuilding business confidence, and early reassurance on Brexit will be vital. Firms will continue to do all they can to prepare for Brexit, but will want to know they won’t face another no deal cliff-edge next year. Pro-enterprise policies on immigration, infrastructure, innovation and skills, will help relaunch the UK on the world stage.

“Despite recent challenges, the UK remains a great place to start and build a business. A new contract between enterprise and government can make the UK a global magnet for investment, powering higher productivity and living standards across the UK.”

Business West Managing Director Phil Smith added: “The general election result will give us a majority government for 4 or 5 years – and welcome stability. The rise of Conservatism in the North will mean a very different set of priorities to traditional Conservatism and a greater focus on inclusion and a different economic shape of our country. Sajid Javid’s manifesto pledges will mean a big step up in infrastructure spending nationally, although day to day spending will remain tight. The big question remains as to whether our region gets its fair share, given the creaking state of much of our infrastructure. The precise outcome of Brexit will remain uncertain, but this will not because of UK politics but due to the nature of UK-EU negotiations and what we want our future relationship to look like. We congratulate all our local MPs who have been re-elected and welcome those who take their seats for the first time. We look forward to working with them to ensure that our region’s businesses continue to thrive and contribute to growing prosperity for our people.”