Car finance company goes on the busses

Oodle Bus launch – campaign trail[1]

Oodle Car Finance, the Oxford-based company changing the way people buy used cars, has completed an exclusive car dealership bus roadshow across the UK.

To help car dealers in the role they play in the purchase process, the Oodle Car Finance bus campaign was inspired and developed by independent communications agency, Grey Bear. It set out to demonstrate how the car industry is evolving and how, by partnering with Oodle Car Finance, car dealerships can jump on board to secure their place in the digitally advancing buying chain.

The brand-wrapped bus was kitted out with private booths for financial conversations with sales agents, and a technology zone complete with iPad and iPhones for dealers and consumers to apply for finance and search for their next car from the network of more than 200 car dealers that Oodle Car Finance works with.

The roadshow campaign hit the road on the November 5, and visited five venues across the country (Cardiff, Hinkley, Liverpool, Brentwood and Glasgow) during a two-week period. After the roadshow, car dealers will be able to book the bus so that Oodle Car Finance can partner with them on the finance first customer journey. This is a significant step towards embracing, financing and searching for used cars online and responding to market changes.

In addition Oodle Car Finance hosted round-table discussions with dealers, and a dinner and drinks reception at each venue.

“What a fantastic way to further connect with our network of car dealers,” said Oodle Car Finance’s CEO and Founder Jonny Clayton. “Not only did we meet with a number of new and existing contacts, but we were able to really engage with and excite dealers about our plans and new products.

“The reality is that car buying now starts online and this trend is set to continue but there is still a place in the process for forward thinking car dealerships.”

But he warned that dealers do need to shake up their digital strategy and work with finance houses to ensure that they are present at the beginning of the buying process, not just the end.

“The industry must keep moving forwards to stay relevant and hopefully our bus campaign will cement those thoughts amongst our partners and beyond.”

Ching Patel, Chief Operating Officer, at car dealership Big Motoring World said: “It’s one campaign trail we’ve really looked forward to. There was a lot of interest from our team to attend and learn about what’s coming down the line. It was also a great opportunity to test out how we could use new technology to boost our sales numbers.”

Grey Bear’s Programme Director Nicola Duckworth said: “The bus roadshow was our most ambitious campaign for Oodle Car Finance, but it really reflects what they’re trying to achieve – to make the buying process simpler and to ensure that car dealers remain a valued part of the chain. To realise it we brought together a bespoke team of event planners, creatives, technologists and social media strategists to ensure we implemented something hugely impactful that delivered for the brand.”