Can’t go to networking events? Business & Innovation Magazine are dedicated to sharing your company news

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It’s going to be a long, long haul for businesses across the region thanks to Covid-19. With networking events cancelled for the foreseeable future, companies will be looking for other ways to get their news and messages out. And Business & Innovation Magazine is here to help.

We are running more stories than ever online and visitor numbers to our website are rising exponentially. We want to hear from companies on how you are tackling the virus – how are your supply chains holding up? What advice are you offering your customers/clients and staff? Do you have a product, technology or service which will benefit businesses across the region?

We are also working on our May published issue which will have interviews with the UK’s largest egg processing factory, which is based in Bromsgrove, and the country’s most successful kitchen worktop factory, based in Gloucester. Our big feature on battery technology will cover electric vehicles and the development of new battery storage facilities. The feature isn’t yet full, so if you’re in battery development, send your stories to our editor, Nicky Godding.

We’re also running a feature on access to finance – probably the most important issue for small and medium-sized enterprises at the moment.

Please continue to send us your news and stories and we will endeavour to run as many as possible. We exist to support regional businesses. We have the platform, we have the reach and we have the determination to support our region’s economic infrastructure as much as we can.