Campaign for Real Media launches as trust in magazine publishing rises

Campaign for Real Media

A report from Ofcom last year on trust in news showed magazines as the most trusted source with 80% of respondents stating they were trustworthy; 82% indicating they were high quality and 84% agreeing that magazines offered “depth and analysis not offered elsewhere.”

Newly commissioned research by the publishing company Hearst shows that magazine readers are more positive than non-readers: 58% of respondents in their study have a positive outlook on life. Among magazine readers this figure rises to 68%. This is important for consumers but also essential for advertisers.

According to Sue Todd, CEO at Magnetic, the marketing agency for magazine media, speaking to Campaign Live: “In a world of never-ending content and recommendations, who do we listen to most and trust? Brands and editors long-standing reputations in specialist areas. At such a time, being part of people’s passions and identities and maintaining cultural relevance feels like a good place to be.”

There has never been a more important time for quality publisher content that people can trust. And with the increase in social content, where opinions abound often at the expense of hard facts, responsible, published media plays a  huge part in delivering reliable news, content and information to its readers.

Sue Todd added: “How we find content might have changed, the speed in which we must publish might have quickened, but the desire to engage with content that can define you is stronger than ever.

“For us, to invoke those same connections consumers have reading and engaging with magazine content, we must create advertising experiences that match and exceed their expectations. Advertising that was developed to respect the user, publisher and advertiser symbiosis.”

Now a national campaign supporting this ambition has launched. The Campaign for Real Media has been launched by global media platform Teads.

The company said: “Premium media, responsible media, real media has a huge and growing part to play in the digital advertising ecosystem. Real media, to us, means the world’s best publishers offering premium content, with high production values, that we return to time and again. It’s expertly crafted and curated content that stands out at a time when technology allows everyone to publish, but not necessarily well or with integrity.

“Crucially, it’s where both the advertising and content experience are in sync with both each other and the audience’s expectations.”

There is no substitute for regional press, but with so much of our attention via the national press, online and social is click-baited into sensationalised global issues, it’s easy to forget that actually, what’s going on in our local communities has the most real and greatest impact on our day-to-day lives, according to Sian English, Vice Chair of Manchester Publicity Association, which is supporting the Campaign for Real Media.

Emily Brewer, Head of Publishing at Teads UK agrees. “Local media content covers news stories that national news may overlook.

“For the ad industry, the benefits are overwhelming,” she added. “Advertising often neglects to reflect the lives of people that do not live in the ‘London Bubble’, regional media provides an ideal environment for brands to associate themselves with local communities who have a strong emotional connection.”

And Gavin Sheppard, Chief Marketing Officer at Smart Energy GB added: “Magazines provide a space where advertising is welcomed, not avoided, and that can’t be ignored.”

#Advertising in magazines with relevant & trustworthy editorial content works!

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