Calcot Spa – the perfect relaxation for publishers

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Calcot Spa, part of Calcot Manor Hotel, sits in one of the loveliest areas of Gloucestershire. It is as beautiful inside as out.

So, after a hard five months working around the clock launching this magazine, we were thrilled to receive an invitation to relax and unwind there.

We’d told them ahead of time that we were attending the Oxfordshire Business Awards that evening, so they’d organised our day accordingly, giving us time to swim, sauna, steam and relax.

There were other guests, but such is the spa’s chill-out feel that we felt the spa belonged to us alone. We did, however, strike up a brief but meaningful conversation with a fascinating author, and regular guest, who writes on wellbeing. We reckoned that if he visited Calcot Spa regularly, it has to be very good indeed.

11.30am. A glass of fizz by the hot tub, and a fizz in the hot tub before we headed to the therapy rooms.

We’d booked massages, facials and pedicures. The afternoon was spent in a haze of perfumed delight under expert hands of the Calcot Spa therapists.

A late lunch outside the hotel’s traditional English country pub, The Gumstool Inn. The sun shone prettily through our glasses of chilled wine as we tucked into the most delicious food.

Wondering back to the Spa, replete and happy, we climbed into our glad rags ready for a trip to Oxford, sighing with regret that we couldn’t abandon our publishing responsibilities for a little while longer.