Busy bees arrive at Slough Trading Estate

Slough Trading Estate Segro

The Slough Trading Estate has welcomed some unusual new customers in its work to improve the biodiversity of the site.
Located at Leigh Road Park, the estate’s new green space, a wooden hive will house Buckfast bees, selected for their calm temperament and who have the potential to create 20 – 60 lbs of honey over a year.

A designated bee keeper will be tending to the bees every week to ensure the hive and surrounding habitat is conducive to making the bees content and productive. The pocket park has been landscaped with native wild flowers from which the bees will be able to feed and pollinate.

While this is the first time they have been kept at one of SEGRO’s UK parks, bees are a feature of SEGRO’s portfolio on the continent, where over 150 hives can be found nestled in landscaped areas at estates in Poland, Italy and France.

The commitment to biodiversity forms part of the company’s sustainability strategy which is delivering the highest levels of sustainable performance through a range of measures to reduce environmental impact in key areas such as energy and water consumption, waste reuse and recycling, and renewable energy.

Paul Lewis, SEGRO’s Regional Director for the Slough Trading Estate, said: “SEGRO’s customers on the Estate come in all shapes and sizes are using their spaces to create extraordinary things, but this is the first time the humble bee will taking residence. We take our commitment to customer care very seriously and won’t be making an exception for our latest arrivals.

“We hope the bees will prove to be a popular addition this Spring, further enhancing the biodiversity of the site. Watch this space for our first home-made Slough Trading Estate honey!”