Businesses report that attracting and retaining talent is one of their key barriers to growth

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Judy Chadwick – Director of Skills WLEP

Apprenticeships present the opportunity for businesses to invest in their workforce and build succession plans for their future.

This is where the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub can help businesses.

The Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub team help employers to implement apprenticeships within their organisations. Making the process straightforward is key for companies and the Hub supports businesses of all sizes.

The Hub team gives advice on many topics, from succession planning and talent management, to choosing the right provider and apprenticeship standard. Organisations will also receive help with accessing grants for recruiting and supporting registration on the apprenticeship service.

A real challenge can be finding the right training provider, but the Hub with its years of knowledge and experience can help. By identifying local training providers with subject specialities and working to meet the businesses’ needs, the hub can identify the right provider to help the business recruit and develop their apprentice or upskill an existing employee through an apprenticeship.

The Hub offers events like the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Show, providing the chance for businesses to engage with their potential future workforce, to inspire them to follow a career in their industry and recruit their talent of the future.

Get in touch with the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub team to discuss your future workforce needs by visiting the website or phoning 0300 666 3666