Business & IP Centre to offer free entrepreneurship workshops in Malvern Library

Dr Adrian Burden

A series of eight free entrepreneurship workshops will be held over the summer in Malvern Library as part of the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) Worcestershire programme of events.

Hosted by local technology entrepreneur Dr Adrian Burden, the workshops are informal with a presentation to guide the discussion and plenty of opportunity to relate the topic to one’s own venture or business idea.

There will also be opportunity for extended Q&A afterwards in the Book and Cup Café within the library for those who want to dig deeper into the topics covered.

The workshops are being held 9.30 am to 10.30 am on Thursday mornings during August and September, with each session being stand-alone so one doesn’t need to attend the whole series to benefit.

The sessions will provide effective insight and advice to start, grow and exit your business.

Adrian who is Technical Director of Key IQ Ltd, founding Chief Technology Officer of BlockMark Technologies Ltd, and the organiser of the annual Malvern Festival of Innovation states “The content of the workshops is based on my book Start to Exit: How to maximise the value in your start-up, building on my own experience of co-founding, scaling, and exiting companies.”

He further developed the workshops as a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Birmingham, and similar sessions have been given to aspiring students and academics keen to better understand what it is like to run a business venture.

The first session on 4th August is titled ‘Company Shares and Fund Raising’, and provides an introduction to different types of company entity, the basics of shares, raising investment and how all this impacts on the business moving forward.

The next three sessions cover accounting basics and financials in terms of managing the business, creating a business plan and using strategic planning tools to help, and understanding the role of the board of directors; tuning the organisational structure to facilitate growth.

Later sessions will cover other topics that are important to business success, including intellectual property, licensing, agreements, cyber security, data protection, branding, marketing, sales, business development, and human resources, all with a view to scaling up the business, monitoring its progress, and being well placed for an acquisition or other exit opportunity.

To book a free place on the first event, visit and-fund-raising-tickets-386406551397