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Continuing its total supremacy in the reporting of business news across Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Worcestershire, Coventry, Warwickshire,  Swindon and the Thames Valley (after all, business doesn’t stop at county borders), Business & Innovation Magazine is also continuing to cut a swathe across social media.

As Business & Innovation Magazine continues to dominate regional business news, since the start of 2021 alone, figures for its quality and targeted B2B news reach on social media channel LinkedIn, show Business & Innovation Magazine is doing exactly that.

Business & Innovation’s monthly reach across social media continues to grow exponentially.

Since the start of the year, Business & Innovation Magazine has already gained 437 new followers on LinkedIn, who join our total number of targeted senior business leader LinkedIN followers of 2488 in total. In the last 30 days alone B&I Magazine on LinkedIn has delivered more than 42,000 impressions of its regional business news posts.

In addition to our Business & Innovation Magazine LinkedIn, as media owners, Editor-in-Chief, Nicky Godding and Kirsty Muir, Commercial Director, have a combined 15,955 personal LinkedIn connections between them, and regularly share Business & Innovation Magazine news with their own impressive number of LinkedIn connections, making the reach to senior directors from sector and industry across region huge and diverse.

Of course, social media stats are never just about the numbers, its who makes up the demographic of these numbers that is important and in the case of Business & Innovation Magazine and our targeted B2B only audience, 97.5% of our LinkedIn audience is made up of Senior Director, Manager, Owner level. 

It doesn’t stop at LinkedIn either, Business & Innovation Magazine is equally as active on twitter when it comes to sharing regional business news and engagement with B2B companies across the region.  Since the start of 2021, in the last seven weeks alone, Business & Innovation Magazine on twitter has had 320,000 impressions of its regional news posts and more than 3,500 visits to its twitter profile.

Nicky Godding, editor at Business & Innovation Magazine, said: “Over the last four years we have invested significantly in our coverage, and our editorial and commercial team have many more years of knowledge of the regional business landscape. It’s this depth of knowledge that benefits our readers and advertisers.

“During the pandemic we have gone even further. Every week we are publishing upwards of 60 business stories, sharing company successes, discussing major issues of concern, announcing new contracts won, new company appointments and revealing innovations and investment that will help the UK climb out of our current economic difficulties.”

“We share all these stories across not only our social media channels, but also via our twice-weekly e-newsletters, which are now going to more than ten thousand people who have signed up to receive them.”

Kirsty Muir, co-founder and director of Business & Innovation Magazine, added: “We are completely focussed on presenting a clear and concise picture of the regional business landscape. We believe that by doing this, we are offering a unique tool to  benefit all companies, whether they are looking to buy or sell across the region, recruit skilled employees, or need professional advice from some of the many professionals who dedicate their working lives to helping businesses boost their productivity and profitability.”

Here at Business & Innovation Magazine, our digital reach with the regions B2B community is at all time high and this is set to continue, but we are not stopping there!

Following a period of publishing Business & Innovation Magazine online only, we are also proud to be returning with our printed issues this year in 2021 with our first spring issue due out soon.

This demonstrates our commitment to the regional business community and the uptake from both editorial contributions, interviewees and commercial activity in this return to print issue, simply highlights the need for quality B2B print publications that are solely dedicated to the regional economy and its thriving sectors and industry and we can’t wait for your to read our next issue

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