Bunting expands Redditch manufacturing site

Bunting Redditch

Following sustained sales growth, Bunting is expanding their manufacturing plant and offices at the Redditch site.

Since US-headquartered Bunting Group acquired Master Magnets in January 2017, manufacturing output at the Redditch plant has increased significantly. Redditch is the European manufacturing headquarters for magnetic separators and metal detectors.

Work on the expansion started in November 2019 creating additional car parking space for employees and visitors., with the major work beginning last month.  The investment programme covers three separate areas with a completion date of Autumn 2020.

By extending the existing manufacturing building, Bunting intends to increase the factory floor space by 50%.

Adrian Coleman,  General Manager of Bunting-Redditch,said: “We design and manufacture large equipment for the mining, mineral processing and recycling industries. The demand for such magnetic separation technology continues to grow and we needed to rethink our manufacturing strategy.  The increased manufacturing floor space will result in improved productivity with the aim of shortening production lead-times.”

“The Redditch expansion is driven by increased demand,” he added. “As mineral and raw material reserves dwindle, companies are forced to exploit less pure reserves and process recycled materials.  Our equipment separates impurities from such materials or recovers the valuable metallic constituents, and we are seeing a significant increase in both enquiries and orders.”