Bromsgrove’s Ecl-ips promotes HALO vape sensor in response to schools vaping concerns

Teen vaping

Vaping among young people and in schools is increasing, according to reports.

In response, a Worcestershire-based company, Ecl-ips, which specialises in offering advanced security solutions, has licensed a detection device for sale in the UK which could support schools that want to tackle vaping, the HALO Smart Sensor.

While it has been touted in the UK as a safer alternative to smoking and a possible bridge to quitting for adults, there are increasing concerns over its attractiveness to young people.

A study by Australia’s University of Queensland last year found that 63 per cent of videos uploaded to TikTok between January 2019 and November 2020 portrayed vaping in a positive light. Collectively, the videos documented were viewed more than 1.1 billion times.

The packaging of vape products along with the ‘candy’ flavours they are often available in has also come under fire, with UK charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) publishing research last year which suggested this makes them more attractive to young people.

Even more concerning, ASH called for increased legislation on vaping products following reports of free vaping products being offered to school children.

In April of this year 11 Welsh headteachers posted a letter to parents and on social media stating that vaping, along with graffiti and vandalism, social media usage and abusive language had all increased since schools returned in September following 18 disrupted months due to the pandemic.

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The HALO Smart Sensor has already been proven in the US market where it is manufactured by IPVideo Corporation and where there has been a vaping ‘epidemic’ among its young people, and is now being offered by the Bromsgrove-based firm.

Ecl-ips demonstrated the HALO Smart Sensor at the Birmingham Association of School Business Management Conference in March, and at the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association Conference May, this year.Since then, Ecl-ips has received the largest number of enquiries from schools in its history, indicating the high level of concern about vaping among UK schools.

In addition to vape detection the HALO smart sensor has other features that can benefit in schools. This includes abnormal sound detection which means it can pick up aggressive behaviour by students allowing teachers to stop fights and bullying. The HALO device also comes preloaded with five spoken keyword phrases related to calls for help giving pupils added protection.

Sunny Shergill, Special Projects Manager, Clayton Valley Charter High School in California said: “Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counselling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it.“

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