British military jet developer Aeralis opens first site in Bristol

Aeralis forming up on the port wing

Aeralis, the British military jet developer, has marked a significant milestone in the development of its pioneering modular aircraft by opening its first site in Bristol.

Located in a heartland of British aerospace and defence manufacturing, the site was chosen due to its transport links, its strategic location within the company supply chain, and its proximity to numerous companies with whom AERALIS has already established relationships, such as the MOD, Atkins, and Rolls-Royce. The location will also allow AERALIS to leverage the wealth of engineering and design expertise available in the region.

Aeralis will operate the site as an ‘Enterprise Hub,’ comprising of a hybridised office and design engineering space where AERALIS can bring together partners to explore the initial stages of manufacturing and systems integration, as well as operate AERSIDE™, Aeralis ’s integrated digital enterprise system. The office will initially house up to 40 staff with room for larger teams as the company continues its rapid growth.

The establishment of a permanent site will also allow Aeralis to engage with the local community and foster skills development in the region through STEM programmes and collaborative projects.

Aeralis’s founder & CEO Tristan Crawford, said: “The opening of the Enterprise Hub marks a significant milestone in our development as a company, as it will allow us to accommodate our programme team together with our engineering team and our partners in the region to expand on the development of our innovative modular jet.”

Jack Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, and Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sovereign Defence Manufacturing Capability said: “I am delighted to welcome Aeralis to our area, and look forward to learning more about their work, in a sector that provides many jobs in our region. I look forward to visiting them in the near future.”

Aerials is building a new class of transformative high performance training and operational aircraft. The new aircraft will be based on a modular system, enabling the company to deliver a range of configurations for different missions by using common fuselage and avionics while switching engines, wings and mission systems. The company has completed phase one and phase two development, with feasibility studies complete and its core team established in preparation to develop a pre-production aircraft with first flight targeted within 3 years