“Britain’s Best Boss” and successful fin-tech entrepreneur launches new ed-tech project

Chris Morling & Simon Andrews Studee

Chris Morling, the man who built up Cirencester-based financial comparison website Money.co.uk from a standing start and sold it to Zoopla in 2017 for  £140 million  has launched a new startup.

Studee aims to transforming the way international students find their university abroad.

Chris founded money.co.uk, a financial comparison site, in 2008. In 2015 it ranked as having the second fastest growing profits of all private businesses in the UK.

In January 2017 Chris was dubbed “Britain’s Best Boss” by the world’s media when he spent £3 million on renovating a castle in Cirencester for his team along with offering them extravagant benefits. In September 2017, ZPG plc, which owned popular websites Zoopla and uSwitch, purchased the company in a £140 million deal.

Chris now has his sights set on disrupting the international education market with best friend Simon Andrews, who he met in 2002 when they shared an office space in London. Simon has worked in the global higher education sector for over 20 years, building the Big Choice Group – an international business, helping millions of young people with their careers.

Last year the two friends reunited to join forces in Chris’ home town of Cirencester. With Simon’s in-depth knowledge of the education sector and Chris’s success in creating websites that drive high volumes of quality traffic with exceptional user experience, the pair have invented an innovative way to to make it simple for international students to find and enroll at universities abroad, and so Studee was born.

Studee aims to transform the way international students find their university abroad with their multilingual team of NAFSA-qualified advisors who speak to students, guiding them from application to enrollment. NAFSA is an association of international educators and says it is the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange.

Studee will plant trees for every student it enrols, to contribute towards absorbing the CO2 released into the atmosphere each time they fly to their chosen university.

Chris says the process of enrolling at a university for international students is outdated and not fit for purpose for today’s centennials – a generation that has never known a world without the internet and who will bear the brunt of climate change.

Chris said: “Studee is reinventing the way international students find a university by making it simple and deeply personalised whilst adding transparency in an industry which in recent years has sadly suffered some corruption and has largely ignored the climate crisis.

“I believe education is the most powerful way to positively change the world but I’m also addressing the elephant in the room – the fact international education has negative consequences for our environment. So for every student we enrol, to contribute towards compensating the CO2 released when students fly to their chosen university, we’ll pay for trees to be planted on their behalf. Our goal is to plant one million trees over the coming years and transform the way international students find their dream university abroad.”

Chris is predicting Studee will grow up rapidly over the coming months. “We’re overflowing with ideas,” he said.