Bristol Technology Festival returning in October

The Bristol Technology Festival will return to Bristol from October 10th to October 15th 2021 for its third edition, hosting more than 50 events focused on the city’s thriving tech and digital sector.

Originally created in 2019 to share the stories and successes of local tech entrepreneurs and talent, the event will be held in a hybrid model with online talks and in-person events. The plan is to exceed 2020s attendees record, with more than 5000 people tuning in from all over the world.

Bristol is the home of software development company Amdaris and a prosperous tech hub in its own right. With a legacy of innovation in digital and tech, the city is highly regarded for creativity and being a fantastic location for start-ups outside of London.

Marina Traversari, Director of the Bristol Technology Festival, said: “Bristol Tech Festival is about highlighting all the phenomenal work happening across our community and building a more successful tech ecosystem in the city. We’re delighted Amdaris are joining us as a partner and being such an active part of that community.”

One of BTF’s key goals for the 2021 festival is to further highlight how technology can support and connect us in challenging times, and showcase how it can help shape the future for the better. Questions posed by this year’s festival include: “what ways will technology influence how we live and work?” and “what impact will the tech cluster have locally, and globally?”

Run by volunteers from Hargreaves Lansdown, Newicon, TechSPARK, Engine Shed and more, 2021 events will be crowdsourced from Bristol-based companies and organisation. These will include technology companies, schools, community interest groups, public bodies and charities.

TechSPARK will also host its annual SPARKies awards, with 500 delegates coming together to recognise the top people, products, companies and talent of west England’s tech sector.

According to Beauhurst in 2020, more than £364 Million was raised by tech companies in Bristol. Bristol is home to 2 ‘Unicorn’ tech companies (worth over $1bn): Graphcore & Ovo energy

Bristol is the only ‘globally significant, fast-growing’ tech cluster in the UK according to Centre for Cities/McKinsey;