Bristol metro mayor gets on his bike to celebrate extra cash for pedal power

Metro Mayor Dan Norris on e-bike

More people across Bristol and South Gloucestershire will soon be able to reap the benefits of pedal power, thanks to additional funding secured by the West of England Combined Authority.

The Combined Authority, led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris, has won £248,000 from the Government to buy e-bikes, expand e-bike loan schemes and cycle training.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “E-bikes are getting more and more popular and with this new funding even more people across the West of England can experience the benefits of electric bikes. Given that our area is rather hilly, I think e-bikes are especially key for us. I also want to move away from the idea that cycling is something that’s only for lycra-clad fitness fanatics, with an e-bike so many more people can use this form of transport and you get to your meeting without getting hot and sweaty! I hope plenty of people take advantage of the taster sessions and training courses we’re funding. Let’s get more people to leave their cars at home and help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.”