Bristol food platform for independents looks to international growth

Good Sixty

Good Sixty,  a Bristol-based startup launched in 2016 which helps independent food retailers and producers sell online, is looking to raise £500,000 to expand internationally.

Having previously raised £600,000, Good Sixty is now aiming to increase its revenues to £1.2 million by the end of next year. Good Sixty is creating an important showcase for the best food and drink available in your region. a unique marketplace for high-quality independent food retailers and artisan producers. It also works as an integrated digital platform and logistics solution for retailers, producers, and food markets. Officially partnered with London’s famous Borough Market, the company enables people to shop more conveniently, ethically, and sustainably while protecting and enhancing local communities, offering amazing customer service for both retailers and customers.

Good Sixty was launched by Chris Edwards. He said: “Our vision is to enable independent food retailers and producers to thrive online. We showcase their brilliant businesses and help sell their fantastic produce fairly, in a local community marketplace.

Good Sixty has been operating in Bristol & Bath since 2018 and expanded into London in 2019 and Oxford in 2020. In the past 12 months, the company has fulfilled 125,000 retailer orders for 16,000 customers from more than 300 retailers, totalling retail sales of £2.9 million. The company has assembled a highly qualified team with more than 50 years of combined team experience in the fields of technology, management, finance, food production, retail, and law.