Bristol business, EVONA, wins ‘Business of the Year’ at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards


A company which seeks to recruit passionate and talented people to drive growth into the future has won a Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Award.

EVONA is based in the heart of Bristol and specialises in recruitment for the international space industry. The high performing company has been in action for less than three years and, in that time, EVONA’s innovative edge and unusual specialist recruitment sector made this the standout business to win the Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year Award.

There is a lot more to the space industry than simply training astronauts. There are many supporting functions, such as engineering, technology and supply chain that make the journey possible; a skilled STEM workforce is essential for the journey to space to exist. This is where EVONA shines; connecting the dots for clients to find their place within this exciting and fast-growing industry. The recruitment company impressed the judges with their outstanding achievements in exceeding initial targets, showing true innovation and adaptability to secure the foundations for success and future expansion.

Richard Joyce, Co-Founder of EVONA, said: “This award means everything to us, especially with these awards being outside of the traditional industry of which we work in. Being recognised, let alone winning the award, means absolutely everything.

“Our industry focuses on bettering the planet and bettering our country. We aim to be recognised as innovators and disruptors in the industry and this award has helped us step one step closer towards this.

“Over the next five years we want to focus on our global mission, raising the curtain for the global space section, as space isn’t just for astronauts, it’s for everyone, and it’s the future.”

Sarah Austin, Director of, said: “A true accolade to British Business, these businesses are all worthy winners of the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence awards. Their positive contribution to the reputation and success of British business has not gone unnoticed and it will be great to see how winning an award of this stature will propel the company into the spotlight, where they can shine and inspire other businesses.”