Bristol-based Q5D Technology announces $2.5m seed investment


Bristol based robotics company Q5D Technology has revealed a $2.5m seed investment in order to take its technology and business to the next stage.

Q5D automates wire harness production for the first time, using robotic additive manufacturing. Until now, the wiring in most products has been made and installed by hand. Q5D has the potential to transform the wiring industry by improving process quality, eliminating human error, increasing production speed and simplifying supply chains. Products benefit from lower weight with improved reliability and safety. The company’s solutions can be applied by manufacturers prioritizing automation and advanced manufacturing. Example markets include automotive, aerospace, and consumer white goods and electronics.

The funds come from three top quality venture investment companies, led by Vancouver-based Chrysalix Venture Capital, other investments include Delft in the Netherlands, and has an excellent track record in hard tech investments, SOSV a Silicon Valley investor who invested pre-seed funds into Q5D and mentored the company through its hardtech startup program HAX, and the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund LP which specialises in seed investment in the UKs most innovative companies.

Stephen Bennington, Co-Founder of Q5D Technologies, said: “This is a time of great change—the rapid electrification of our transport systems and the increasing functionality of everything from washing machines to mobile phones means that wiring is becoming more complex and labour intensive. We are really pleased to have the chance to work with all our new investors, they are bringing a wealth of commercial and governance experience that will keep us focused and grow the company in the right way.”

Dr Charles Haythornthwaite, Senior Partner at Chrysalix Venture Capital, added: “Q5D has an exciting opportunity to transform an area of manufacturing that has proven stubbornly difficult to automate and we are looking forward to working the Q5D team. Additive manufacturing is bringing new capabilities to manufacturers but its relatively rare to see such a strong value proposition for mass production.”

Mark White, Investment Director at UKI2S, added: “We’re delighted to invest in Q5D Technology. Q5D has developed a unique robotics technology that allows wiring to be integrated into the manufacture of complex, irregularly shaped-parts in the assembly process. This integration allows savings in weight, assembly time and gives greater design freedom and can be applied to mass production in many industries including automotive and aerospace. It’s exactly the sort of innovative UK company that UKI2S looks to support, with the potential to transform manufacturing, create high-end jobs, and drive up exports and productivity. We were also impressed at the company’s success in leveraging the advanced manufacturing expertise of the Catapults, NATEP and the Aerospace Technology Institute, along with substantial support from Innovate UK.”