Bristol-based people analytics software company, Gapsquare, acquired by XpertHR

Dr Zara Nanu, Gapsquare

Bristol-based people analytics software company, Gapsquare, has been acquired by XpertHR, a provider of expert insight and practical tools to help organisations achieve greater efficiency, reduce risk and increase employee engagement.

Gapsquare is revolutionising the problem of fair pay through tracking pay disparity, pay equality and pay gap data.

Founded by Dr Zara Nanu, Gapsquare provides HR and Reward professionals and inclusive employers actionable insights on existing pay gaps within any given company. They also offer additional statistics on employee variables such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability which identifies the cause of pay gaps. This is all conducted through its innovative software FairPay® Pro.

Alongside this, the startup provides tailored consultancy and up to date research from their expert team.

XpertHR is a global organisation who empowers employers to adapt to the ever-changing HR landscape. Their in-depth knowledge of reward-data, benchmarking and dealing with employee data will allow Gapsqaure to support a wider range of inclusive employers who are passionate about doing the right thing. Their innovative software and expertise will strengthen XpertHR’s compliance, best practice and reward offerings in both the U.K. and U.S.

Meanwhile, with Gapsquare’s expert knowledge at their finger tips, XpertHR will be able to address the pay equity challenges faced by organisations by leveraging Cendex, its advanced, live reward-data solution.