Bristol based KETS Quantum Security secures share of £9 million for data centre

Quantum computer

Bristol quantum computer company KETS Quantum Security has secured a share of £9 million for its Quantum Data Centre of the Future project, funded by the UKRI which has announced £50 million in total funding for UK quantum industrial projects. The £9 million is shared across a total of nine partners.

In 2018, KETS was named the UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company at Infosecurity Europe.

Data centres are at the heart of the UK’s economy, and thanks to the increasing demand of the digital age, there are now more than 450 data centres in the UK.

As the amount of data and the complexity of that data increases, the systems in the data centres become more complex.

With ORCA Computing heading up the project, KETS will be exploring how quantum systems can help manage and secure this ever-increasing complexity together with the project partners listed below.

Chris Erven, CEO at KETS said, ‘in today’s world we don’t go 30 seconds with touching digital technology, all of which is networked, none of which is quantum-safe, and increasingly it’s being processed and stored as high value treasure troves of information in data centres. We’re incredibly excited to work with our partners in this grant to change that and hugely appreciative of Innovative UK recognising and supporting us in this long-term vision. Tomorrow we’ll be making all of the classical data you’re sending to the cloud quantum-safe. The day after we’ll help make the quantum data you’re sending to ORCA’s quantum computers safe as well.’

KETS Quantum Security are leading a collaborative team in developing quantum-safe communications solutions for the modern data centre. The project will not only target the internal operation of modern data centres, but also critically how users can access data and computing resources remotely. This will provide a future- proof system that is secured against both conventional and quantum computing attacks.

The consortium aims to use a wide set of tools to solve these real-world problems, including Quantum Random Number generation, Quantum Key Distribution and Post-Quantum Cryptography. Working with BT, the team will deploy solutions into metro networks and data centres for critical real-world validation.

Jake Kennard, CAO at KETS said ‘We’re delighted to be involved in the Quantum Data Centre of the Future project. We’re excited to be working with such a talented group of industry leaders, bringing together experts in quantum technologies & cybersecurity, data centres and telecommunications to develop communications for the data centre of the future. These direct collaborations across the value chain will enable development of solutions that can be deployed not only in the future, but also today’

KETS Quantum Security’s unique chip-based solutions, based on technology developed over a decade at the University of Bristol, provide ultra-low size, weight and power without compromising performance.