Bristol-based Avon Group invests in new skills and equipment 

Steve Cavanagh
Avon Group Steve Cavanagh 2

Avon Group Manufacturing in Bristol has made some key appointments to support business growth fuelled by strong demand for its high temperature insulation and sealing products.

The company is one of eight businesses that make up Avon Group which makes industrial products and components for automotive and industrial markets. The business in Bristol has specialist expertise and equipment for manufacturing a wide range of products used to insulate and seal high temperature products used in boilers, heating equipment, cookers and engines.

The company has appointed Steve Cavanagh as production manager with responsibility for driving higher efficiency and quality standards.

Avon Group Shaun Collins 2Also recently recruited, Shaun Collins has joined as QHSE-T engineer and he will be overseeing all technical aspects of quality, health and safety, and environmental considerations.

Maria Lewis, operations director at Avon Group Manufacturing, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Steve and Shaun as they will help us to respond to the rapidly growing demand we’re experiencing following the pandemic. Their arrival will support our drive for higher standards in health and safety, and quality control, whilst also ensuring our products remain highly competitive.

“Our investment in new skills will also be supplemented by additional capital investment with the installation of a new water cutting machine in March. This will give us the ability to increase output further, improve quality and speed-up our lead times for delivery.”