Bristol-based Australian beachwear brand launches new sun protection vests

Tom and Teddy

A beachwear brand born in Australia and relocated to Bristol in 2016 has launched a new range of UPF50+ rash vests – a lightweight shirt that protects against ultraviolet radiation, made from stretch nylon/polyester fabric and worn when swimming to protect the skin from sun exposure and sand abrasions. 

Tom & Teddy’s rash vests offer UPF50+ protection, as tested by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, and the fabric is resistant to both chlorine and saltwater, so they won’t breakdown, go baggy or lose its shape after ocean swims or dips in the pool. Unlike most rash vests on the market, Tom & Teddy’s version has a T-shirt style that’s not clingy and is easy to pull on and off, even when wet.

Tom and Teddy Michelle l’Huillier and Jelle de Jong[4]Father and son beachwear brand Tom & Teddy is inspired by the beach lifestyle of Sydney, where husband and wife team Jelle de Jong and Michelle L’Huillier used to live.

The couple then moved to Singapore, where they launched their range of matching father and son beachwear products, before relocating to Bristol with their sons Tom and Alexander in 2016.

Michelle said: “With climate change the risk of skin cancer is real and growing. People can still contract the disease from prolonged exposure to the sun if they are only covered by cotton or any other light fabric, or likewise if they are in the water without a skin covering. That’s why we decided it was essential to offer a high-protection rash vest within our swimwear collections.”