BPE Solicitors: How the tech sector is changing the face of Law

Promotional Business Feature: BPE Solicitors - Pictured: Sarah Kenshall, Tech Partner at BPE Solicitors
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Tomorrow’s tech innovators thrive on collaboration, speed and agility. They don’t just think differently. They behave differently. But traditional, big law firms aren’t built to move at speed. Can the legal industry adapt and change?

The tech sector is flexible, fast, comfortable with discomfort, constantly changing. Pioneering products and services, that change every aspect of our lives. Traditional law firms, on the other hand, are everything but. They are process-driven, paper-heavy and can be risk-averse, which is why they offer their clients informed options and opinions. Often however, they stop short of advocating e-minded clear solutions.

Therefore, it’s little wonder that the tech sector, which needs fast, informed decisions, finds traditional law firms frustratingly slow. They are often developing services and products that current compliance and regulations haven’t encountered yet. Operating at the cutting edge, they need power boats, not super tankers when they enter unchartered waters.

Tech innovators are challenging law firms to change. They need legal advisors who are as agile as they are; who know their sector and the law inside out.

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From ivory tower to real world

Cheltenham-based law firm BPE Solicitors has risen to the challenge. It gives legal advice for the real world. Having worked as in-house lawyers and in traditional private practice law firms, their Tech team has deep sector experience. This understanding of commercial imperatives means they are uniquely placed to offer legal advice that is based on true understanding of how businesses, especially enterprising businesses, actually operate. Sarah Kenshall is a Partner on BPE’s tech team.

“Your clients have confidence right from the word go that you know what you’re talking about, particularly in my sector, technology. You’re constantly thinking what is currently needed and also – will it work for the future? I found that you don’t normally see that in private practice.”

Enterprising advice that’s one step ahead

She says that the traditional model needs to change. “A legal issue doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s set in the context of the client’s commercial imperatives. Sometimes in the UK we don’t get to the bottom of what the business wants or needs.” In response, all BPE lawyers across all teams make it their business to understand their clients’ business and to connect them with others. The Tech team in particular are well-placed to make powerful introductions and networking opportunities across industries.

“We don’t just sit in our ivory tower advising on legal issues. We bring our clients together across industries, introduce smaller clients to investors. That’s adding a lot more value than simply the legal advice.” This proactive approach builds diversity of thinking. It’s how business innovators stay one step ahead”.

The changing face of law

At BPE, lawyers are business partners, giving practical, commercially-sound advice for any size of enterprise. BPE was considered maverick when it was first set up in the 1960s, simply for remaining open over lunch. Its agile, informed model is leading the way, delivering enterprising legal advice that works in the real world.

For more information contact Sarah Kenshall, Technology Partner at BPE Solicitors on 01242 300793 or email sarah.kenshall@bpe.co.uk


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