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National expertise to defend your business from insider threats and protect your assets with the right contracts, is on offer at Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Cyber Conference, from 21-23 September.

Hear from risk advisory lawyers covering a spectrum of topics relating to the world of cyber security and tech business growth, including advice for scaleups, defending against cybercrime, and protecting your own assets. Here is a glimpse of what to expect from some of HCR’s cyber specialists, as well as many more speakers and industry leaders.

The threat from within – insider threats and commercial espionage

Hear from Prof. Dan Hyde, Partner, Investigation, Regulation, and Tax, London office

How do we identify perpetrators of cybercrime? Can evidence of such an attack be admissible in court?

Cyber-crime is the fastest growing crime globally; it is imperative for businesses to know and understand answers to these questions. Professor Dan Hyde and global firm FTI consulting will deliver a panel discussion on how and why cyber should be policed, and the best approach for gathering evidence.

21 Sept, 9am – 11am

As well as one of HCR’s leading cyber lawyers, having worked as a specialist adviser to the UK Government, Dan is also a published author on cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation.

The good, the bad, and the ugly – getting your contracts and policies right

Hear from Nicola McNeely, Partner, Head of Technology Sector, Cardiff office

Getting your technology contracts and cyber related policies right up-front saves time, money, and stress in the long run. In this session, Nicola McNeely will present key lessons and insights on ‘the good, bad, and ugly’ of commercial contracts.

21 Sept, 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Having helped to build the world’s first gold-backed blockchain, Nicola regularly advises on the legal and regulatory aspects of implementing blockchain technology for enterprise and has lots of experience in digital assets.

Growth story – a tech journey company of scaling up

Hear from Nathan Evans, Partner, Commercial, Cambridge Office

What makes your company investible? Nathan Evans and fellow HCR specialists are joined by Awen Collective, a Welsh cybersecurity software company, to share the opportunities and pitfalls of scaling up your business, and how to get the best from your legal advisor.

22 Sept, 9am – 12pm

From platform development and licensing to digital transformation, Nathan is fluent in the language of software development. Nathan is a member of the Outsourcing Group Committee at The Society for Computers and Law and holds a position on SAP’s global panel of commercial law advisors.

Personal digital assets – What are the risks and opportunities for individuals?

Hear from David King, Partner, Private Client, Wye Valley office

Digital assets are playing a much greater part in people’s personal wealth nowadays, but they can be difficult to locate or manage when their owner dies and can also potentially be ‘hidden’ from a partner/spouse.

David King and Andrew Morris will be joined by risk consultancy firm AnotherDay to discuss the key actions to take for holding digital assets.

23 Sept, 2:15pm – 4pm

David is your go-to legal adviser for keeping digital assets safe. As HCR’s lead on crypto assets, David’s expertise helps clients to take the practical steps needed for accessing and managing crypto assets in the event of death or a person’s loss of capacity.

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