THIS Thursday – 2pm – Free Webinar – Planning your IT Strategy in response to COVID-19 with Axonex in Cheltenham

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Webinar – Workplace of the Future: Book Now – Thursday, 28th May | 2-3pm 

Axonex, Cheltenham based IT solutions and Managed Services Provider, are hosting a free webinar to discuss how business leaders and IT teams are planning their IT Strategy in response to COVID-19.

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Businesses have moved their teams to the virtual workspace at an unprecedented speed and scale. Now is the time to step back and consider how this impacts business operations, and how IT will adapt to support change. Axonex alongside Vodat International, will be discussing the below themes:

  • Will the increase in remote workers drive a ‘cloud first’ approach?
  • How to optimise the remote workforce and the collaboration tools in place.
  • How to effectively secure the environments and the devices of your remote workforce.

‘’In response to COVID-9, business leaders and IT teams have had to adapt fast to enable their teams to work from home. It’s not clear what the future holds, but organisations are thinking about how this impacts their IT strategy. With an increase in remote workers, how do you stay secure, maintain efficiency, and give your teams a consistent user experience? These are challenges we are working with our customers so plan and solve.’’


  • Tom Bane, Axonex Technical Director
  • Roy Reynolds, Vodat Technical Director

Axonex part of the Vodat Communications Group, are a specialist IT Solutions and Managed IT Services provider with unrivalled knowledge across their key areas of expertise – Unified Communications, Data Centre, Security and Network Infrastructure. Axonex partner with organizations to enhance business agility, growth, efficiency and to help drive a better customer experience. The broad range of services Axonex provide support businesses across the entire scope of their IT, from consultancy and infrastructure solutions, through to Managed Services.

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