Book your place: COP Gloucestershire at Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park – 21st October with The Active Building Centre

Promotional Business Feature: The Active Building Centre - COP Gloucestershire
COP26 Gloucestershire Climate Summit

Gloucestershire is getting its very own version of the international climate summit COP26.  The event titled, Climate Gloucestershire will be held at Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park at Berkeley on Thursday 21st October.

The COP26 climate change summit in Scotland, will be a landmark moment this autumn, but the conversation cannot start and end there.  Hosted by the Active Building Centre, this event is an opportunity for businesses keen to develop their net zero journey.

The conference will discuss issues ranging from leadership on the green agenda, the role of the public sector in reaching net zero, to the need for green skills, and how the UK’s construction industry needs to adapt or wither.

The Active Building Centre (ABC) is a government funded organisation, with bases in Gloucestershire and Wales, aimed at transforming construction in the UK.

From working with academia, government departments, local authorities and developers, ABC is helping to map the route to making low carbon buildings a reality in the UK.  Based on the Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park, at Berkeley, Active Building Centre has its roots deep in research at Swansea University, in sustainable construction for the future. Active Building Centre are already working on a carbon neutral homes project with Nationwide in Swindon and the centre’s vision is to transform the UK construction and energy sectors-contributing to more efficient energy use and decarbonisation.

Hosted by broadcaster Robert Llewellyn – creator of the clean energy and electric vehicle channel Fully Charged – COP Gloucestershire will consider how to transform construction to create greener buildings and some of the biggest issues facing policymakers grappling with these challenges.

Chris Brierley, business development manager at the Active Building Centre, explains The COP26 climate change summit will be a landmark moment this November but the conversation cannot start and end there. So, before world leaders descend on Glasgow, we will be holding our own summit called Climate Gloucestershire. Already, it’s been dubbed COP26 Gloucestershire and the name might just stick” 

“We will be discussing the issues set to dictate whether the UK succeeds or fails in meeting its net-zero goals”.

This event will be a chance to showcase the huge advantages that Active Building Centre have, including our buildings demonstrating the tech that has made homes and offices more energy-efficient through the years. Where once cavity wall insulation was the last word in greener living, now the most ambitious properties generate their own power, know what weather is coming, then decide whether to deploy their energy, store it or return it to the grid.

At the Active Building Centre, we can do more than explain how that progress has been made; we can show it in action. That is why a conference here at Berkeley makes so much sense. Panellists who gather here will be surrounded by the visions of transformative green building technology that could be commonplace across the UK, and that matters.

This event will draw on the expertise on our doorstep. The University of Gloucestershire will support a session on how to ensure the intelligent homes of the future are cyber-secure. South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, meanwhile, will help lead a debate on getting the skills we need to fit technology for greener homes.

Industry leaders like Dale Vince of Ecotricity, politicians, and experts will come together to ask how we find the workforce we’ll need to bring sweeping change to our homes and offices. They will ask how the public sector can champion that change, who will lead the push to net zero, and who will pay.

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Registration, networking and tours
Welcome speeches
Tea, coffee and networking
Breakout debates:
Construction firms must change, or they will die (in association with Transforming Construction/UKRI)
From leaky homes to draught proof and secure (in association with the University of Gloucestershire)
The new workforce of tomorrow (in association with SGS College)
Lunch, networking and tours
Keynote speech
Breakout debates:
Public sector: championing net zero
Net Zero success will need leadership that counts (in association with GFirst LEP)
Minister’s say UK will achieve net zero by 2050 – but who will pay and how risky is it?
Closing remarks