Blenheim to welcome “the greatest gathering of hypercars” this September

Salon Privé

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire will once again be the venue this year for Salon Privé to showcase the world’s finest veteran, vintage and classic cars from 23-25 September.

This year the palace, a World Heritage Site, will be the backdrop to what Salon Privé says will be the greatest-ever gatherings of hypercars, from the world’s fastest production car to the very latest models from great names such as McLaren and Brabham.

Director David Bagley said: “The world’s fastest cars have always held a very special fascination for motoring enthusiasts, and we can’t wait to show off the latest generation of hypercars at Blenheim Palace. To have so many of them making their European debuts is particularly exciting, and it shows the high regard in which Salon Privé is held by the most prestigious motoring brands.”

Alongside the stunning automotive line-up will be many retail popups fro  luxury brands from Boodles jewellery to fine fragrance, travel, aviation and interior design.

With the Covid-19 pandemic very much in mind, Salon Privé is prioritising the safety of visitors and will have extensive measures in place to encourage hygiene and social distancing, ensuring it meets the Government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines.